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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

People usually think of Google PPC when hearing or talking about what is pay per click. But pay-per-click goes beyond the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and the Google Display Network. Social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, also use the pay per click model.

Pay per click marketing ensures that you only get targeted traffic since every click you receive costs you money. Therefore, working with an unreliable PPC company can easily blow your budget on a poorly managed PPC campaign.  

At Thrive Digital Marketing Agency, we establish your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) goals, cognize your PPC campaign metrics and determine your pay per click campaign structure to get the visitors on your website and reduce your PPC management expenses.

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    You'll Grow Your Business In Two Ways With Our PPC Management Services:

    Increase conversions by generating high-quality traffic:

    Trying to generate more web traffic and conversions? Do you need a marketing strategy that works? If so, PPC advertising is right for you! Your conversions will skyrocket if you get high-quality traffic to your website. People search for answers and solutions every day, with over 3 billion searches per day. You can solve a percentage of these problems through your business. Using PPC management services, you can immediately attract new customers to your business.

    Instantly get the results you need:

    As soon as you set up paid search ads, traffic will start flowing to your website. By using Google ads or Bing ads, you will appear on the front page of Google or Bing search engines instantly. On the other hand, you pay per click for your search ads. Ensure your ad spending is directed toward clicks that result in conversions. Likewise, you must ensure that your cost per conversion (CPC) does not exceed the value of your customers.

    Every business should know these
    PPC advertising statistics

    Several marketers and business owners are hesitant to use PPC advertising because they are uncertain about its results. Do you think it’s worth the money you spend on advertising? These statistics may help you feel better if this describes your feelings, too:

    ✅  The likelihood of consumers purchasing products from ecommerce websites is 50% higher when they land on the site through a PPC ad campaign.

    ✅  In Google search ads, 1/3 of users click on them because they answer their questions directly.

    ✅  Brand awareness can be increased by 80% with search ads.

    ✅  Nearly 78 percent of local searches on mobile phones lead to offline purchases.

    ✅ Display advertising on Google’s network has been proven to boost web traffic by 300% or more.

    ✅ In SERPs, an ad in the first position has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 7.94%.

    ✅ In Google’s text ads, 49% of users click, 31% in its shopping ads, and 16% in its video ads.

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    Our Pay Per Click Services

    Google Ads

    Ads by Google are a way to promote your business, help you sell products or services, raise awareness, and boost website traffic.

    Instagram Ads

    Advertise on Instagram to reach a wider and more targeted audience by posting sponsored content

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter is used by hundreds of millions of people to learn about what's going on around the world. Twitter Ads give you the opportunity to reach them and engage them.

    Pay per click management and social media Success
    Facebook Ads

    Nowadays, Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective means of growing your business, creating loyal customers, and generating leads and sales.

    Linkedin Ads

    LinkedIn Ads offer marketers a unique opportunity to communicate with a business-minded audience through B2B advertising.

    Bing Ads

    Unlike Google, Bing ads are based on an auction system that lets advertisers show relevant ads to searchers based upon what they've searched for.

    Our team understands what it takes to develop a great Google advertising strategy for our clients. We will create targeted campaigns that are cost-effective & profitable.

    Your Account Will Be Managed By An Advertising Specialist

    Your ad campaign will be managed by an experienced PPC manager. The person will be highly experienced in running successful PPC marketing campaigns using Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). In order to create a successful PPC strategy for your business, we will learn about your business first.

    Identify and analyze competitors

    Monitor your competitors' activities. In our role as your marketing agency, we will take a close look at what your competitors are doing using search engine optimization. Once we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' online advertising efforts, it will be easier for us to develop a smart campaign strategy.

    Keep an eye on your ads and optimize them

    Find out which parts of your ad campaign are not performing well quickly. Daily monitoring of your PPC campaign will be done by our PPC agency. Low-performing ads will be paused as soon as we detect a decline in results. Additionally, we can launch new ads to maintain results.

    Make your business more successful by identifying keyword opportunities

    Choose keywords that are most cost-effective. The keyword research we do for your business is thorough, so we can find as many opportunities as possible. A keyword is a search term that a person types into a search engine when looking for something specific. Thousands of keywords are researched and measured to select the most appropriate effective keywords for your advertising campaign. We also measure the amount of traffic, competition, and costs associated with each keyword. Additionally, negative keywords will be excluded to prevent your ad spend from being wasted on unqualified traffic.

    Creation of ads

    Optimize search engine ads for maximum effectiveness. Each ad is written in headline and ad copy, ad groups are created, the most relevant keywords are chosen, and ads are targeted for specific keywords. Also, we will perform A/B testing on the ads to determine which ones perform best.

    Communication and Reporting

    Analyze your paid search campaigns to find out how they perform. A monthly report will be prepared for you by your PPC manager. In addition, conversion tracking will be installed on your advertisements. In this section, you will find a report on how many conversions we are generating through our PPC management services.

    Why Choose Our PPC Services

    A contract with a low risk

    Pay-per-click advertising is something we offer with honesty. Through high-quality work, we want to earn your trust by using low-risk contracts.

    Spend less and get more

    It's like buying a car without gas if you spend your entire budget on PPC advertising. It wouldn't make sense for you to spend your entire budget on these services while having no money left over to fund your marketing campaign. Due to this, we charge a reasonable rate, so you can use the additional budget for paid advertising.

    PPC management is our specialty

    Every day, we manage search engine advertising campaigns for hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries. Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India, we are well versed in best practices when it comes to ad copy, headlines, and keyword research. Essentially, we know how to conduct A/B split tests, optimize conversions, and retarget. Let us handle these tactics so that you don't have to spend your precious time figuring them out. It's imperative for you to run your business.

    Benefits Of PPC Advertising

    A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can be a cost-effective way of driving traffic to a website. There are a variety of benefits and challenges that must be considered.

    Fast Results

    Businesses need results as soon as possible. With PPC, you can get results almost instantly.

    Measurable Results

    With a PPC campaign, you can measure anything from costs, profits, views, clicks, and visits.

    PPC Enhance Sales

    Targeted PPC ads increase the chances of closing the deal by reaching a specific audience..

    Only Pay For Clicks

    It also saves you money since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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