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Google Updates

How will Google MUM impact SEO in the future?

An announcement of the upcoming rollout was made at Search on 21 in fall 2021, in which the technology was described in additional detail. Multimodal MUM utilizes artificial intelligence to answer complex search queries.

For answers, MUM processes information from different media formats. Along with text, MUM also understands images, videos, and audio files.

MUM: how does it work?

MUM, introduced in May 2021 by Google, is 1000 times more powerful than BERT. They both use natural language processing. MUM, however, has several features beyond language processing.

In order to enhance the user experience, MUM combines multiple technologies to make Google searches even more semantic and context-sensitive. Google intends to implement MUM to answer complex search queries for which a normal SERP snippet is inadequate.

Google MUM: SEO needs to change

In this context, it should also be asked what roles Google will play in the future as a traffic source. In addition, it should be asked to what extent SEOs will have a direct impact on rankings.

Similar to Panda and Penguin, BERT and MUM introduced radical changes to the industry. Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph is powered by natural language processing to make searching much faster. Instead of focusing on keywords, SEOs need to focus on entities and topics related to E-A-T.

The advantages of MUM

When a user cannot find a straightforward answer, it can become frustrating as they need to perform multiple searches in order to find their answer. with Google’s new MUM update, users will receive their search results faster and more clearly, and the MUM update can be used not only to provide a direct answer, but to recommend further information based on the intent behind each query. Overall, this will make the user search experience more satisfying and unique.

Suppose you want to travel to a foreign country, and the first question you ask is, “how do I get there? In addition to where to stay, you may search for where to eat, what there is to do, if you need a visa or vaccination, and may be a bit about the weather and activities to enjoy. The list goes on and so does the amount of time spend searching and sifting through results. Rather than waiting, Google MUM is already delivering more, right now.



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