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Google Ads Update

Getting started with Google Responsive Search Ads: three tips you shouldn’t miss

On June 30, a significant change will take place. Google Ads accounts will be dominated by Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) at that point.

The change will prevent advertisers from adding or editing extended text ads (ETAs). Advertisers will only be able to pause, resume, or remove existing ETAs, while RSAs will continue to serve as the default option.

There are many differences between RSAs and ETAs. Check out the following articles to learn how RSAs work and how to maximize their use. 

RSAs allow Google to decide which headlines and descriptions appear in advertisements and how often they will appear. Advertisers can pin their headlines and descriptions in positions 1, 2, 3, and so on. Each ad group can have no more than three responsive search ads, so according to Google, you should have had two ETAs and one RSA for each ad group.

The logic behind the limitation of RSAs per AD group is sound. Rather than representing “a single ad”, this format is an ad testing environment that could potentially serve up to 10,000 different combinations to users. Multiple examples would only create confusion.

Additionally, RSAs are graded according to the strength of their ads: poor, average, or excellent. An advertisement with average ad strength would look like this:

A strong RSA ad is not the same as a quality score. Ad strength is determined by increasing RSA CTR and providing Google bots with constructive information. The RSA ad strength is based on a guideline and does not reflect actual ad performance.



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